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Collaborative consultancy that combines social purpose with robust analysis

Supporting strategy


I have supported many strategy development initiatives, both as an external consultant and advisor and as an employee.  At RAND Europe I was involved in developing of a number of R&D strategies, most notably helping the UK Department of Health formulate its Best Research for Best Health strategy, which led to the establishment of the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). Whilst at King's I led the development of King's Vision 2029, a novel re-articulation of the public purpose of a university. Core to my approach is the idea that strategy formulation and delivery is an integrated and ‘living’ process that relies on creating ideas together and through that collective ownership of activities across an institution and its associated communities. 

Formulating policy

I have been involved in developing policy and policy positions throughout my career, on a range of topics, including reporting on research grant success rates by gender, exploring freedom of expression and, more recently, developing a sustainable academic travel policy.  I view policy development as a process of combining robust analysis, data and insight with empathetic consultation, based on the principle that stakeholder commitment is as important as the policy statement, so policies are more likely to be implemented if they are developed by all relevant parties.  

Learning lessons


I am an experienced evaluator of programmes, especially in research and scientific funding. I successfully apply a variety of approaches and techniques, including logic modelling, realist evaluations, case studies, bibliometrics, economic analysis, surveys, key informant interviews and focus groups/workshops. My aim is to develop a rounded, multifaceted understanding of the outputs, outcomes and impacts of a funding programme, and use that to draw out ‘lessons learnt’ to improve future effectiveness, efficiency and equity.  

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